Worcester AGO Reger Festival Lectures & Lunch Registration

REGER LECTURES  Pakachoag Church, 203 Pakachoag St, Auburn, MA             DOBSON ORGAN SPECS

Easy Parking, Handicap accessible (all one level)

Your sign up for the REGER Festival 150 will be acknowledged in 48-72 hours by Ronna Archbold Davis, Dean.  

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   9 AM  Christopher Anderson     BIO      ANDERSON ACADEMIC DETAILS      
      "… from his most conciliatory side …" Some Remarks on Max Reger’s Twelve Pieces op. 59   

   11:00 AM  Carole Terry       BIO
      "Compositional form, texture, registration, and text painting in Max Reger’s chorale fantasy" 
          Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern

   1:30 PM   Christopher Anderson
       "Ludus tonalis: Allusion in the Music of Max Reger"

Fees for this registration submission:

    $50 flat fee for any/all lectures (lunch is separate, below)
    if you're a $100 sponsor, one complimentary lecture attendee is included (lunch is separate, below)

    an additional attendee is a separate $50, add additional below


Donor/Sponsor $100 (Donate now/below: complimentary one person attending Lectures)
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Non-donor Lecture Attendees @ $50 each  OTHER THAN  COMPLIMENTARY $100 Sponsor person

LUNCH SELECTION & FEES - Box Lunches catered by Struck - lunch fee is separate from Lecture Fee

Lunch DELUXE STRUCK BOX LUNCH with side salad of Pasta Primavera @ $20 each
You will make your choice that day from the following four customization options:
 - Pistachio Chicken Salad
 - California House Roast Turkey
 - Tuscan Roast Beef
 - Italian 

Lunch-Vegetarian @ $20 each
Grilled Portabella Shawarma Wrap
with feta, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, tzatziki sauce

Lunch-Vegan @ $20 each
Grilled Vegetable Array: zucchini, eggplant, summer squash, red pepper, red onion, lettuce and sun dried tomato; hummus

Your sign up for the REGER Festival 150 will be acknowledged in 48-72 hours by Ronna Archbold Davis, Dean.  

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